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Understanding How XUI One Super Reseller Billing Module Integrates with WHMCS

The XUI One Super Reseller Billing Module is designed for WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) to manage the automatic creation of user accounts, suspending and unsuspending accounts, and sending client’s login credentials automatically using the XUI One Super Reseller Module.

Integration Setup

To use the XUI One Super Reseller Billing Module with WHMCS, you typically install and configure the module within your WHMCS admin panel. This setup process may involve providing API credentials or other necessary configuration details.

Product Configuration

Once the module is installed, you can set up products or services within WHMCS that correspond to your XUI One reseller offerings. This might include specifying pricing, billing cycles, and other product-related details.


The module should automate various billing-related processes, such as account creation, suspension, and termination. When a customer purchases an XUI reseller service through your WHMCS-powered website, the module will communicate with XUI to create the account.


WHMCS generates customer invoices based on your configured billing cycle and pricing. The XUI One Super Reseller Billing Module should ensure that these invoices accurately reflect the services provided by XUI.

Payment Processing

WHMCS handles payment processing, allowing customers to make payments for their services. The module should keep track of payments and update the status of customer accounts accordingly.


Automated notifications, such as payment reminders or service expiration notices, can be configured within WHMCS to keep customers informed.


The module may offer reporting features within the WHMCS admin panel, allowing you to track billing and account-related data for your XUI reseller services.

Customer Portal

Customers can access their accounts and manage their services through the WHMCS customer portal, where they can view invoices, make payments, and request support.

Support and Maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance of the module are essential to ensure it remains compatible with both WHMCS and XUI. This may include updates for new features, bug fixes, or security enhancements.

It’s important to note that the specific functionalities and capabilities of the XUI One Super Reseller Billing Module may vary based on its design and the needs of XUI resellers. Therefore, it’s recommended to refer to the module’s documentation or contact the module provider for detailed information on how it works and how to configure it effectively with WHMCS.


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