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Cash App Payment Gateway

CashApp, a mobile payment service available in the United States and the United Kingdom, facilitates effortless money transfers among users via a dedicated mobile application. By integrating a CashApp Payment option into WHMCS invoices, users can conveniently settle payments for their invoices.

WHMCS Payment Gateway Module - Cash App

This payment gateway functions in conjunction with transaction emails from CashApp. By following a few extra steps, you can ensure that our External API gains access to the transaction emails, subsequently updating your order status to ‘paid’ automatically.

An External API-based payment gateway that is completely customizable and ensures 100% security, boasting an impressive API response time ranging from 5 to 40 seconds.

Feature list

  • User-friendly and Easy to Use
  • Complete automation
  • Automatic transaction verification through our External API
  • Supports USD and GBP currencies
  • Compatible with the latest WHMCS version
  • Designed for high-risk businesses

Experience the seamless synergy of CashApp, integrating effortlessly with our External API-based payment gateway. Enjoy user-friendly automation, robust security, and swift transaction processing, supporting USD and GBP currencies. Tailored for high-risk businesses and compatible with the latest WHMCS version, our solution ensures a streamlined payment experience. Contact us now for further details and elevate your payment processing to new heights.


1 Months @ 14.99
3 Months @ $35
6 Months @ $60
1 Year @ $90